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Solar-Friendly Metal Roof Solutions

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At Sunshine Metal Supply, our passion is providing top-quality metal roofing solutions. But did you know a metal roof is more than just beautiful and durable – it also serves as the ideal foundation for installing solar panels!

Home and business owners looking into switching to solar energy must carefully consider their roof material when making this transition. Solar panels can be installed on various materials, but installing solar panels on metal roofing provides unique advantages that make them excellent partners. In this blog post, we’ll look at why installing solar panels on metal roofing makes such an effective combination.

  1. Built for Longevity

One of the primary advantages of metal roofs is their long lifespan – typically lasting 40-70 years with minimal maintenance requirements, far exceeding asphalt shingle roofs which typically only last 10-15 years. Their long lifespan complements solar panels’ 25+ year operational lives perfectly – choosing a metal roof helps guarantee that your solar investment won’t need replacing during its lifespan!

  1. Strength and Security

Metal roofs are known for their incredible strength and resilience. Able to withstand even extreme weather events like high winds, snowfall, and hail storms, metal roofs provide an excellent platform for mounting solar panels safely while continuing to generate clean energy even during extreme events like hail storms.

  1. Light on Weight and Big on Efficiency

Metal roofs are relatively lightweight when compared with concrete or slate roofing materials, which makes their installation an attractive proposition for solar panel installation. Their reduced weight allows your roof structure to handle less load while making installation simpler and cheaper overall.  Lighter materials also make the installation process faster, cutting labor costs as a result.

  1. Reflective Power

Metal roofs can often be coated with reflective pigments or special paint finishes to reflect sunlight away from your home, keeping it cooler during summer and decreasing energy usage. Reflectivity also benefits solar panels by helping them operate more efficiently – potentially increasing their energy output!

  1. Simplifying Solar Panel Installation

Metal roofs are ideal for non-penetration mounting systems that utilize clamps or brackets that connect directly to seams or ribs of the metal roof without drilling holes in them – providing secure and watertight installations, protecting roof longevity while increasing solar panel efficiency.

  1. Sustainable Solutions

Metal roofs are an eco-friendly roofing choice — designed for long lifespans, thus minimizing waste. When combined with solar panels generating clean renewable energy, they form an unbeatably efficient combination that reduces fossil fuel reliance while lessening environmental impact.

Sunshine Metal Supply: Your Partner in Shine

At Sunshine Metal Supply, we carry an array of metal roofing materials and our professional staff can assist in selecting the ideal style and finish for your home. Contact Sunshine Metal Supply today and we’ll help your solar energy shine bright while adding lasting beauty with metal roofing!

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