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Sunshine Metal Supply Announces a 5% Price Reduction on All Steel Roof Panels!

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Sunshine Metal Supply Announces a 5% Price Reduction on All Steel Roof Panels! Blog Cover

Sunshine Metal Supply understands the value of both quality and affordability when it comes to roofing, which is why we source our metal from industry-leading manufacturers and offer a vast selection to meet all of your specific needs. Whether you are an experienced roofer or embarking on your first DIY project, Sunshine Metal Supply has everything you need for an enduring metal roof solution.

Let’s delve deeper into this exciting offer! Below is a breakdown of the steel roof panels included in this 5% price reduction:


  • Galvalume: this increasingly popular substrate is made up of steel sheets coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy coating for increased corrosion protection compared to galvanized steel alone, making it the perfect choice for environments subject to harsh climates and weather conditions.
  • ZAM® (Zinc Aluminum Magnesium): ZAM® is an innovative substrate with a zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy coating, offering outstanding corrosion resistance, even exceeding that of Galvalume in some instances.


  • 24 Gauge Steel Panel: This heavy duty panel strikes an excellent balance between affordability and durability and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
  • 26 Gauge Steel Panels: 26 gauge panels can be an economical and time-efficient choice for certain projects; however, it’s essential to take into account factors like local building codes and wind load requirements before selecting 26-gauge panels.


  • 5V Crimp: This timeless profile boasts an elegant design to add style and ease of installation on any roofline. Known for its strength and easy installation, 5V Crimp panels have quickly become one of the go-to choices among roofing contractors.
  • PBR: This profile offers a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with its flat interlocking panels and is particularly popular for commercial buildings, but can also be used in contemporary residential styles.
  • SunRib: With superior strength and drainage capabilities, this profile offers ideal options for areas prone to heavy rainfall.
  • SunLOC: These sleek and secure profiles feature interlocking panels with an exposed vertical seam for superior weather resistance and longevity. Standing seam roofs are known for their long lifespan and resistance against high winds.


  • Clear Acrylic/Mill Finish: This finish option highlights the natural aesthetic of steel. It can either be left uncoated, or protected further for enhanced weather resistance with a clear acrylic coat.
  • Painted: In the world of metal roofing panels, the paint line is where your roof truly comes alive and Sunshine Metal Supply doesn’t skimp on quality. We use Kynar® paint, a premium paint known for its exceptional resistance to fading, chalking, and corrosion.  A meticulously controlled process that starts with a chemical cleaning to remove contaminants and ends with the painted panels being cured at a high temperature ensures the paint adheres to your metal roof for long-lasting performance. 
  • Sunshine Textured: This textured finish offers an eye-catching alternative to standard paint colors and is available on our SunLoc-EZ, 5V Crimp, and SunRib panels. Intended to mimic natural horizontal eye movement, its stunning light reflection creates shimmering tones and shifts that reflect beautifully against light sources. 

What are The Advantages of Metal Roofing? 

Now that you are acquainted with the wide range of steel panels included in our discount, let’s examine some of their many advantages:

  • Durability: Steel roofs are extremely long-lived, lasting decades with proper care and maintenance. Resistant to rot, fire, and insect infestation, steel roofing represents an excellent long-term investment.
  • Energy Efficient: Steel roofs reflect sunlight, reducing heat absorption in your building and leading to reduced cooling costs in hot summer months. 
  • Low Maintenance Costs: With their minimal upkeep requirements compared with other materials, steel roofs are energy-efficient roofing solutions with reduced cooling costs during hotter summer months.
  • Lightweight: Steel roofing panels are lightweight materials that reduce stress on buildings’ structures. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: With recyclable steel roof panels being an eco-friendly choice, Sunshine Metal Supply stands as your trusted partner in metal roof solutions.

At Sunshine Metal Supply, our commitment is to provide our customers with excellent service and premium metal roofing materials. With our experienced staff and extensive inventory, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate steel panels for your project.

Take advantage of our 5% price reduction on steel panels, and create your next project with an economical yet beautiful metal roof solution.

Reach out now and get started on your dream metal roof project! 

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