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Unmatched Protection with Armored CoastTM

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Living near the coast offers stunning views and vibrant lifestyle options, but also brings unique challenges.  Salt spray, strong winds, and unpredictable storms can wreak havoc on traditional roofs, leading to expensive roof repairs. This is why coastal roofing, like Armored Coast are imperative.

Sunshine Metal Supply understands these concerns, which is why we proudly offer the coastal roofing solution Armored CoastTM: a revolutionary metal roofing system specifically tailored for coastal living environments.

Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of Armored CoastTM, and learn how it can provide your coastal home with ultimate protection.

Protected Against the Elements

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: At the core of Armored CoastTM lies the cutting-edge material ZAM® (zinc-aluminum-magnesium). This revolutionary coating provides exceptional protection from saltwater corrosion and other coastal elements.  Unlike traditional materials which succumb to harsh coastal conditions over time, Armored CoastTM keeps your roof intact for decades!
  • Unrivaled Protection Zone: Standard metal roofs offer adequate protection, yet their effectiveness diminishes near the coast. Armored CoastTM goes above and beyond providing superior defense for up to 300 feet from the coast. This extended protection zone ensures your roof remains in prime condition even in harsh coastal environments.

Armored CoastTM was designed with durability in mind. Our thick gauge steel construction surpasses industry standards, providing your roof with unrivalled strength and resilience against heavy rain, hail storms, and strong winds.

Armored CoastTM boasts an unwavering warranty that guarantees quality and durability for 20 years, giving our customers peace of mind knowing their investment is protected against unexpected repairs due to coastal wear and tear.

Why Armored CoastTM Should be Your Choice:

Living near the ocean poses unique roofing challenges. Armored CoastTM goes beyond simply being another metal roof, it provides a comprehensive defense system designed to withstand coastal environments.

Living near the coast shouldn’t mean living in constant worry over your roof. With Armored CoastTM, you can enjoy all that seaside living offers with no worries about your roof. 

Sunshine Metal Supply’s experts are on hand to help select an appropriate roof solution that brings peace of mind.  Contact us today and learn more about Armored CoastTM – the ultimate coastal roofing defense.

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