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Metal Roofing Color and Style Selection: A Guide by Sunshine Metal Supply

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Metal Roofing Color and Style Selection: A Guide by Sunshine Metal Supply Blog Cover

When choosing a metal roof for either residential or commercial properties, one of the key decisions you’ll face is choosing the appropriate color and style. Sunshine Metal Supply’s durable metal roofing materials come equipped with multiple paint colors and panel profiles from which to select. Additionally, we have comprehensive insights that can help you make an informed decision when selecting colors and styles for metal roofing systems. 

The Impact of Color

  1. Aesthetic Appeal.  Your metal roof color plays a pivotal role in shaping its aesthetic appeal. From sleek modern looks to traditional appearances, Sunshine Metal Supply’s extensive palette of paint colors offers something suitable to every vision and preference imaginable. When selecting one for yourself, consider the architectural style, surrounding landscape, and personal preferences.
  2. Energy Efficiency. Beyond aesthetics, roof color has an impactful influence on energy efficiency. Lighter colors tend to reflect sunlight away from your property in hotter climates, keeping it cooler for less air conditioning needs in those regions. Conversely, darker hues absorb more heat which could help aid snowmelt processes in colder regions.
  3. Resiliency to Fading. Sun exposure, weather conditions, and time can wreak havoc on your roof’s color vibrancy. With Sunshine Metal Supply’s advanced paint technology, you can select colors that not only appeal visually but are also resistant to fading. This ensures your roof retains its beauty over the years for lasting value.

Selecting the Appropriate Style of Panel Profiles

  1. Structural Considerations. Beyond color, profile is also an integral factor. Sunshine Metal Supply provides six distinctive panel profiles, each offering different characteristics and meeting different structural requirements of properties, as well as climates. When selecting metal roofing panels for your property, climate consideration should also be given — certain profiles may work better in areas with high wind loads while others excel in dispensing with rainfall more efficiently.
  2. Architectural Harmony. Your choice of panel profile can have a dramatic effect on the architectural harmony of your property. A standing seam profile offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, making it popular in contemporary designs. Alternatively, a more classic corrugated profile might pair better with historical or rustic architecture. Sunshine Metal Supply’s wide variety of profiles ensures you find one that not only fulfills functional requirements but also enhances overall design aesthetics.
  3. Customization Options.  Sunshine Metal Supply understands that every project is special, which is why customization options for panel profiles are available. If none of our standard profiles match up exactly with your vision, discuss this possibility with our experts to see if creating custom profiles is possible to  meet all your design goals.

Making the Right Decision

  1. Consultation and Samples.  Selecting the ideal metal roofing color and style can be a difficult endeavor. Sunshine Metal Supply’s consultation services make the decision-making process simpler. Our experienced team will guide you through all available options, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs and preferences. Likewise, ordering color samples provides tangible insight into how certain hues look in different lighting situations.
  2. Durability and Maintenance. Durability should never be overlooked when considering metal roofing as a material of choice for roofs, which has long been revered for its longevity and low maintenance needs. Sunshine Metal Supply’s materials have been engineered specifically to withstand time and environmental factors with no compromise to performance or aesthetic. When considering its long-term advantages such as resistance against corrosion, fire, pest infestation or mold growth.
  3. Local Regulations.  Before finalizing your metal roofing color and style, be sure to investigate local regulations and restrictions. Certain areas may have restrictions on permissible colors and styles in order to maintain architectural consistency across neighborhoods.

Selecting the color and style of a metal roof is essential to both its aesthetic appeal and functionality, which Sunshine Metal Supply’s wide variety of colors and panel profiles make possible. Whether your aim is for a bold statement or seamless integration, Sunshine Metal Supply offers everything necessary to bring it all to fruition.

Visit to browse our extensive selection of metal roofing colors and styles and begin the journey towards creating a roof that not only protects but also enhances the beauty of your property.

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