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Top Trends in Metal Roof Designs and Colors

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Top Trends in Metal Roof Designs and Colors Blog Cover

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular due to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. But beyond those benefits lie infinite design opportunities – giving your home an authentic style all its own! From vibrant hues to unique shapes – metal roofs provide endless design potential.

  1. Metal Roof Color Options

Sunshine Metal Supply provides an expansive selection of metal roof colors to satisfy every style and preference. From classic neutrals to bold statements and natural hues, you’re sure to find a color to complement both your home’s architecture and the surrounding environment.

Here is a glimpse into the world of metal roof colors:

  • Classic Neutrals: Gray, charcoal, and white remain timeless neutrals that provide an understated yet chic appearance. They pair easily with various exterior styles and materials for an adaptable option that works in any home.
  • Bold Statements: For those who want to make an impression with their decor, bold blues, deep greens, and vibrant reds have become increasingly popular choices. These colors add a pop of personality while providing the opportunity for striking focal points.
  • Natural Tones: Earthy hues such as copper, bronze, and terracotta make for the ideal rustic or natural aesthetic, seamlessly blending in with the environment for an inviting ambiance. 
  1. Explore Metal Roof Panel Designs

Sunshine Metal Supply offers an assortment of panel styles to meet the aesthetic requirements of various roofing designs.  Colors are certainly important when determining your roof’s aesthetics, but panel styles also play an integral part. Sunshine Metal Supply has you covered!

  • Standing Seam Panels: These modern panels boast vertical seams that create an unmistakably clean appearance. Available in various widths and installation methods (horizontally or vertically), standing seam panels offer endless design possibilities.
  • Hidden Fastener Panels: Our SunLOC-EZ hidden fastener system creates a clean and sleek appearance, by concealing fasteners under overlapped panels. Not only does this enhance aesthetics, but it also improves water resistance and decreases leak risk. 
  • Sunshine Textured: This unique metal roofing panel features a distinctive, textured finish that adds visual depth and mimics the natural movement of the eye. 

Sunshine Metal Supply offers a specialized product for those living near the coast: Armored Coast is specially engineered to withstand harsh marine conditions like salt spray, wind gusts, and extreme weather conditions. It features an anticorrosion coating for added peace of mind.

  1. Tips for Selecting a Metal Roof
  • Match Your Style: Different styles require unique design elements. Select panels in colors and styles that complement the overall aesthetic of your home.
  • Consider Your Surrounding Environment: Ideally, the colors and textures of your roof should blend in seamlessly with its surroundings – such as natural landscape or overall neighborhood aesthetic. 

Sunshine Metal Supply: Your Partner in Metal Roof Excellence

Sunshine Metal Supply offers an extensive selection of metal roof colors, panel styles, and specialized solutions such as Armored Coast. Our team of experts can assist in the selection process and help find a combination of color, design, and functionality for your home that’s ideal.

Contact us today and let’s work together to design a stunning metal roof that reflects your individuality and safeguards your home for decades!

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